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Dada Club Online - Admiration of Net Artists for the Computer


"Admiration of Net Artists for the Computer"

Based on: Man Ray "Admiration of the Orchestra for the Cinematograph", 1919

“The geometry of time and space in digital computer atmosphere”

In the occasion of 100 years of DADA movement  LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age
created an online dada gallery open to all digital artists Dada Club Online .
I remixed the work by Man Ray:
"Admiration of the Orchestra for the Cinematograph", 1919
the result is titled :

"Admiration of Net Artists for the Computer"

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New - old - places. part 1


  The new version of my logo.


One of my Istambul pictures titled: New - old - places.

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Artist talk - Pixxelpoint 2015

The para-curator of the exhibition Igor Štromajer and me on skype. Pixxelpoint 2015
Presentation of my work on Pixxelpiont festival 2015.

All my links and the reasume of my thesis are available at
The website Ipertestualmente contains short articles, links to my works and a small selection of hypertext based art that includes some significant works of net art artists.

In 2010 I created the twin blog Portakalis that is weekly updated until today and where I show some other works like digital colages (the series Internet is full of dreams – Webdlings (bookmark – Bookmarking of Baroque Paintings), (6 PM YLT) and Happiness against Sadness)and photographs.

The narrtive website Hypertext as an abstract painting. From internet with love. Eu (link nr1) is a virtual transformation of the map of my pages into an abstract composition. The map shows all my online activity in march 2015 – my own piece of hypertext that I call microhypertext.

Another page that I created before Hyeprtext as an abstract painting is Hypertext is an abstract painting . From internet with love . Eu (link nr2). I created an abstract map with some keywords and with a use of hypertextual navigation I transformed the existing map in digital abstract painting.

Later on I started to use Twine platform to create my hypertextual narrative stories.
One of these works is One click away. Posthypertext. Org (link nr3) It is a narrative story about distances in the virtual space, trust and unknown users.

The idea of a new domain name is from one of my narrative stories Hypertext is not an abstract painting. From internet with love. Org (link nr4) which describes in simple words my research and conclusions. One of pages says that: „To understand hypertext you have to claim a tree.
From this point of view you will see all the map and you as a part of it.”

The project is a selection of photogaphs taken in the forest in Bydgoszcz, close to the place that I live. I present these images as a small snapshots on the website Try it yourself. (link nr5) The series was created in the summer 2015. It recalls metaphores of hypertext that are rhizome and tree. Both websites are currently shown during The Wrong biennal of digital arts – in the internet pavilion Hypermedia Dreams.

The main domain of this project (link nr6) contains only one selected picture and the description „to understand hypertext you have to claim a tree”

Posthypertext is happening now.


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Bookmarking of Baroque Paintings - Pixxelpoint 2015


During the festival - 2015: OBJECT – 16th International Media Art Festival, Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Gorizia (Italy), 27 November – 4 December 2015 I present the new project:

"Bookmarking of Baroque Paintings" - dedicated to Italian baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi and all women artists. The work is available HERE. The para-curator of this festival-exhibition is Igor Štromajer

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Hypermedia Dreams and The Wrong Biennial


"Hypermedia Dreams" is an online exhibition curated by Haydiroket a.k.a Mert Keskin. It consists in a website with works of  both hypertext based art and other digital categories. Hypermediadreams - Future of World Wide Web: Interactive Multimedia Interconnectedness is an Internet Pavilion of The Wrong (again) – New Digital Art Biennale.
November 1st, 2015 to January 31st 2016
My contribution to this event is an online project
The message of my work is img/to-understand-hypertext-you-have-to-claim-a-tree.jpg
You can find the meaning of this idea HERE and HERE.

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Peace will come back one day

Peace will come back, even though it may take same time.
Happiness against Sadness
is almost finished.
The next project could be called Order against Mess or even better Immaterialness (actually this one has to be done, don`t know when yet, but it is waiting for the realization).

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Towards immaterialness

  The passage from towards immaterialness is very risky. My last project was related to the complex structure of hypertext and in this work I was trying  to describe it with a metaphore of tree. 
  The result of this research were three websites , and .  All these projects are conceptual and their form was sinthetic. 
   The immaterialness is more about the aesthetics of virtual space and this time the methaphore will be blue and endless space of the sky.
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This is the end of this website. Come back again.

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